We love the pure beauty of this natural fabric that is cooling in summer and warming in winter. Silk is a very delicate material; when wet it is even more delicate. To keep your garments pretty for a long time, we highly recommend handwashing with cold water. Use a detergent for delicate materials, or a special silk shampoo. Do not soak fabrics for too long – a maximum of 10 minutes – and do not wring or crush the garment. After washing, roll your garment carefully in a dry towel to remove the excess water. We recommend drying the garment by placing another towel on a clothes airer and leaving the item on top to dry, out of direct sunlight. There you can gently reshape it. Do not hang it on a clothes hanger when wet, otherwise the fabric will lose its shape. Iron inside out at a low temperature while still damp, or, if already dry, using a damp cloth between the iron and the garment. Do not use steam. For our silk kimonos: Please take the belt out of the loops so that the fabric is not damaged during washing.


Some of our kimonos are made of a breezy, delicate silk cotton fabric. Please wash the garments separately, following our silk care instructions. And don’t forget to take the belt out of the loops so that the fabric is not damaged during washing.


The natural purity of organic cotton feels soft on the skin and lets it breathe. That’s why we chose this material for our t-shirts and sweatshirts. Cotton is fully machine-washable but should not be washed at over 40 degrees Celsius. To preserve the fabric’s softness, we recommend washing on a delicate cycle using a mild detergent. To avoid fabric shrinkage, do not tumble dry. The best way to dry your cottons is to lay them flat on a towel to absorb any excess moisture. There you can gently reshape them.


TencelTM is a wonderfully elastic material that adapts perfectly to the body. Handwashing is always the best option for washing TencelTM, but our tank tops and tank top dresses can also be washed in the washing machine on a delicate setting using a gentle detergent. A low temperature and a gentle cycle will help preserve the fabric. We recommend leaving your TencelTM garments to air-dry naturally. TencelTM is resistant to wrinkles, but if needed, you can steam it.