Malune is known for its beautiful arty mixture of prints; natural, soft and feel-good textures; and cutting-edge silhouettes that are comfortable and easy to wear. All of the styles can be seamlessly mixed and matched, and are designed to be worn with your everyday wardrobe.

Inspired by summer islands, white beaches, and other features of natural beauty in far-off places, the story began many moons ago in a little idyllic beachside resort in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - by dreaming and remembering …

Remember long days on the beach playing until it gets pretty chilly and the sun kisses the ocean goodnight; hide and seek in the steaming depths of the forest; raspberries on our fingertips; a run through a whispering cornfield; the multitude of colors of all the beautiful flowers crowning our heads, covered with the dust of mother Earth; the taste of melon juice and salt on our lips.

OUR PHILOSOPHY was born...

We will never forget the magic of nature in our childhood days. Nothing is as deeply saved in our memory as the smell of a pinecone, the look into the eyes of a deer, snowflakes dancing in the sky. The whole world in its incredible beauty.

With our work we honor the immense force of this wonderful planet and aim for a peaceful togetherness with our tribe. With those who care .Who care about our beautiful life and all the living creatures that call this planet their home. Care about what they wear, what they eat – in short: what they consume.

We want to contribute to the future of our children in a positive way. We therefore choose every part of our process – from our materials to our factories – with great care.

Our designs capture the feelings of traveling through time and space, with all the different facets of flora and fauna – and translate them into a free-spirited esthetic. From breezy, painted kimonos to cozy sweats, we offer the colorful abundance of happiness you need to feel at ease.

Paradise found. MALUNE.

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